Once your electric bicycles bought from China (especially BTN ebikes) does not work well, or happens with any problem, welcome to contact our expert teams to maintain your riding partners with the least amount of money – Bang for the buck. We will serve you the satisfying solution and matching replacement parts after the pictures, videos and other requisite information are taken to us.


Typically, an electric bicycle can’t work as expected, the following are several main causes. The most common one is that the display doesn't work properly, or the others are the controller, main line, motor or sensor that need to check out.


No matter what kinds of problems it caused, we are professional enough to get them back to initial performance. and what you need do is only to offer us the precise information. Of course, first of all you need to ensure they were manufactured from China.

What's more, a complete set of spare electronic systems is ready all day to replace the worn-out parts in case that the problem existed could not be determined by the pictures, videos, or other detailed information we already know.


Don't hesitate, contact us now to get experts’ marvelous maintenance support & service.

Finally, CUSTOM, OEM & WHOLESALE electric bikes are also acceptable, Email us at info@btn-ebike.com or get a quote on https://btn-ebike.com.