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Hangzhou BTN ebike Co.,Ltd .

The only company BAFANG invited from HANGZHOU is HANGZHOU BTN EBIKE technology co.,ltd

2016 Seminar on Technologies of Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) Drive Systems wrapped up on December 5, 2015. See you at next year's seminar!

  From Dec 04 to 05 an EPAC drive system technical seminar was held at the head office premises of Suzhou Bafang Electric Motor Science-Technology Co.,Ltd . This great event attracted many industry insiders such as more than 40 e-bike makers, professional media and certification authorities. In total more than 80 people enjoyed this unique and successful business event.

  The event was divided into two major sections: drive system introductions and testing experience.

  The Bafang engineering team did a thorough introduction of its market leading products, such as: Front/rear drive motor series: FM/RM G32, Middle drive motor series: MM G31, MM G32, MM G33, Pedal sensor (BB torque/speed sensor): SR PA01.32.ST, Sine wave (FOC) controller series, HMI series, Battery series and their latest technology developments. They had in-depth discussions for product verification, in order for the group to have a comprehensive understanding of Bafang products. Furthermore the comparison of existing and upcoming EN15194 standards let the forum guests fully understand how to interpret the new rules of electric bicycles, enhancing international competitiveness.

  General manager Mr. Qinghua Wang gave a keynote speech, about “Innovation, quality and service”.

  Bafang team guided attendances to assemble the systems personally, and get the ride experience themselves.

  This seminar builds a good interactive platform between Bafang and its valued customers. Customers could fully understand the technology, products & services of Bafang. Through the ride experience they had a good feeling about Bafang motor drive system’s international product level.





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