COVID-19 have been made the economy go down, As a socially responsible company,BTN is also using its own actions to help outdoor goods stores, bicycle stores, and e-commerce sellers in the United States. Now there are more than 100 partners using our products for sales. Obtain income, solve the problem of no income, and the social feedback is very good. In the next 2 years, we will choose to add 200 new partners to serve customers across the United States/Canada/Australia/Dubai, for all partners and heavy-end consumers bring value (the factory sells directly to the store, and the store serves customers). It is well known that all electric bicycles are from China, but many importers of new brands have never touched electric bicycles before COVID-19, resulting in poor after-sales service If there is a problem, we will also help these customers who bought these new brands to provide services within our capacity, because we have been engaged in bicycle convert to electric bicycles&electric bicycle build more than ten years, and are very familiar with all electric bicycle systems from China. Electric bicycles are like cars. Not all are perfect, so after-sales service is very important, the original factory support is also very important. Finally, BTN hope to learn and make progress together with all electric bicycle practitioners!

Show Room: Las Vegas

Creat 300 new jobs in United States, BTN is on the way!!!!!

Time :2020-10-14

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