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Due to rising gas prices, people are seeking cheaper, environmentally friendly ways to get around, e-bikes become their first choice. As a result, more and more suppliers are starting to sell ebikes at their stores. I would like to share you some advice when you want to enter this field, because finding a suitable e-bike manufacturer can be difficult. 

Table of Content 

1. Quality and Warranty

2. Overseas Warehouse

3. Custom Duties

4. Stardand

5. Specifications

6. Price

1. Quality and Warranty

The rising cost of local manufacturing is causing them to turn to the China ebike maunfacturer market. On the China ebike market, some customers always pursue cheaper price for more profit. But they will get what they have paid. Becasue we can not ignore the shipping, custom clearance, and other charges. If an quotation from e-bike manufacturer is too low, he might be compromising on quality.

How to choose good ebike manufacturer? Some companies will build an sample ebike according to your requirement, and you can evaluate the ebike’ quality. In addition to that, you also can check the background of the ebike manufacturer.

By the way, pls do not forget the warranty, once you sell the ebikes, you need to make sure you can get warranty, it will ruin your brand/store’s reputation.

2. Overseas Warehouse


When you are comparing different manufacturers, you will find some e-bike manufacturers that have warehouses overseas. One of ebike manufacturers is BTN ebikes, which has 4 overseas warehouses across the US, Canada and Australia. This would be a great opportunity for potential buyers. If your orders are shipped directly from the U.S. warehouse, you'll save more shipping time, shipping costs, and tedious customs clearance. Ebike manufacturers with overseas warehouses also help some small ebike business sellers like drop shipping, the ebikes can be shipped from warehouses to end customers. Plus, Such professional e-bike manufacturers have a good understanding of market trends, customer’s demands and regulation.

3. Custom Duties

Tariffs factor in your total costs, cannot be ignored. The EU imposed countervailing and anti-dumping import tariffs on Chinese electric bikes. The U.S.-China trade war has also increased tariffs, which has increased costs for importers. About tariffs, you also can consult with your forwarder company, they will check it for you.

4. Stardand

U.S. Standards:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stipulates that low-speed electric bicycles or tricycles manufactured for commercial use must be equipped with pedalable pedals, an electric motor with an output of no more than 750 watts, a speed of up to 20 miles per hour (32 km/h), and a weight of no more than 50 kg. However, the definition and specifications for electric bicycles vary from state to state in the United States.

EU Standards:

The so-called electric bicycle that does not require a driver's license to be legal on the road refers to an electric assisted bicycle with a maximum power limit of 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

5. Specifications

Ebike System: controller, display, brake, thumb throttle, assist sensor

Motor: Bafang Motors, Bosch Motors, and other brands.

             Common motor power: 250W, 500w, 750w, 1000W

Gear System: Grip shifter, Hub gear, Derailleur, Derailleur cable, Freewheel

Good gears make riding more comfortable. So using a branded gear like SHIMANO is very important.

Battery: Ebike usually lithium-ion batteries(Chinese battery, Samsung Battery, LG Battery, Panasonic battery).

Charger: Please choose the charger that is suitable for your country. If you have enough budget, you can choose 3A charger. 3A charger is faster than 2A charger.

6. Price

If you are a brand, you can custom your own ebikes. You need to make your own drawing. And you can give your roughly specification and your drawing to your ebike manufacturer, ebike manufacturer will evaluate additional cost of additional tools and molds for you. As a matter of common sense, you can also consult different ebike manufacturers to get a better quote. But due to different specifications and vary brands of components, the quotation will be different. You should do some homework for vary brands of components and market research in advance. Based on your market research(including your end customer’s budget and ebike style trends), you will decide your selling price range. within your price range, you can let your ebike manufacturer recommend you some ebikes.


If you’re very interested in China ebike market, Hope this article can help you. It involves quality control, price comparison, countries regulation, tariffs and logistics cost. When you're importing or wholesale, these are worth to be carefully considered.

6 Things You Must Know About China E-bike Wholesale

Time :2022-07-04

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