Over the past few years, e-bikes have become increasingly popular in the United States, and with the rising price of gas, the demand is even greater. If you are looking for a more economical E-bike solution, then finding an electric bike manufacturer in China may be your best bet.

To help you make a better decision, I'll list guide details here to help you better source electric bikes manufacturers in China.

Table of Content

1.  Reliablity

2. Good Customer Service

3. Quality

4. After-sales Services

5. Warranty

6. Customization

7.  Price

8. Delivery Time

9. Payment

10. Conclusion

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Investing in an e-bike is a big expense and China is a long way from both the US and Europe. You need to do more manufacturer background research and market analysis to make sure your supplier is reliable. 

When it comes to your own design, a non-disclosure agreement must be signed by both parties and the e-bike manufacturer cannot use your design without your permission. 

When we're talking about reliability, it's hard not to mention BTN e-bike who has over 10 years experience in manufacturing e-bike and excellent tech support team for developing new e-bike product line.

Good Customer Service

Good customer service is key to make success of e-bike manufacturing business. Customer service included fast reply customer’s questions, information update of e-bike manufacturing and oem e-bike process, etc.

BTN have excellent customer service at 24/7, our team also have US phone number for contacting us.


Today's market is extremely competitive, as we all know. When you buy e-bikes in bulk, you must pay attention to the quality and production time of e-bikes. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a quality manufacturer.

BTN is a good example of that. In terms of production, In order to serve our customers better and faster, BTN produces high-quality e-bikes with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Moreover, our design team offers clients advice and refinements based on their needs. And last but not least: quality inspection is done before shipping in a 100% manner.

After-sales Services

An after-sale service is the key to determining a e-bike manufacturer's suitability for long term business. Because e-bike is a rather complex system of mechanical and electrical components, a reliable e-bike manufacturer will provide all, including assemble e-bike, provide replace parts, and tech support.

With BTN, you will be followed by an sales specialist to follow up your cases in a timely manner. For E-bike dealers, we have built the after-sales team to support them.


If you are ordering e-bikes in bulk for your business, ensure that you ask the manufacturer about warranties. The warranty is essential in e-bike industry. Please do not choose a e-bike manufacturer that does not offer a warranty. And warranty services must included motor, frame, battery, other electronic components and mechanic parts. These services regarding warranty can also be offered to your end customers, which will enhance your business.


As a brand owner, through customization, you can expand the exposure of your brand and attract a lot of fans. Therefore, an professional e-bike manufacturer can offer you with a complete solution including logo design, logo printing, and color scheme tailored to your specific needs.

If your quantity is too small, I would suggest you to buy e-bikes from e-bike manufacturers whom have overseas warehouses. BTN offers white-label e-bikes in 5 warehouses in Canada, the US and Australia.


First, A e-bike's price depends entirely on the components. Brands of batteries, gears, motors, brakes and tires are more expensive than others. As a result, e-bike prices cannot be compared between them, but rather sets of components can be compared. So it is necessary to know some brands of e-bike components, like BAFANG motors, Kenda tire, Shimano and etc. What's more, you also can send your own specification to e-bike manufacturer for quotation. Price also can be adjusted based on your budget.

In case the price is too high, we will also offer you some alternative solutions. BTN offers high-quality e-bikes at an affordable price.

Delivery Times

Regarding standard oem order, you need to carefully consider the peak sales season, production time and shipping delivery time. For example, the peak selling season in the US is usually from March to September, which is not conducive to outdoor activities if the weather is too cold. Customized e-bike orders generally take 1-6 months to produce, and you will need to confirm the exact time with the manufacturer. The delivery time for shipping from China to the US is generally 30-45 days.

As for quick delivery orders within 3-7days, BTN offers white-label e-bikes in 5 warehouses in Canada, the US and Australia.


A variety of payment methods to provide more possibilities for transactions. In B2B business, Wire transfer, Credit card, Paypal are traditional. With the development of ebike e-commerce, new payment methods continue to emerge like Stripe, Zelle, ACH Transfer and etc.


In summary, you will need to negotiate with the e-bike manufacturer for each factors to ensure that your order can be completed successfully.

How to Choose the Best E-bike Manufacturer in China

Time :2022-08-08

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